Electronic hookah (Nargila) is a revolutionary solution for hookah smokers. It is a vaporizing device based on the electronic cigarette technology. It has a traditional hookah shape and provides the full sensation of smoking as a regular hookah does. It does not require water, nor lighting and charcoal, can be used indoors and in non-smoking areas. eNargy hookahs have a perfect modern design and high quality vases.

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Same but Innovative

Electronic Nargila is a modern and fun gadget. It combines innovative technology and traditional shape. It helps you go with the times.

Same but safe

Electronic Nargila is a safe enjoyment. It does not use tobacco and not emits combustion products. Just fresh taste without pollution.

Same but smooth

Electronic Nargila is clean device. It do without coal, fire, or other hazardous material to work with. Just smooth vapor.

Same but easier

Electronic Nargila is the same great experience, but easier. It does not needed to light the coal, to fill the water, to clean after usage.